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We exist to make healthy foods more accessible!

#MealPrep can mean different things to different people... something we very much respect here at Breakfast Lunch & Deener.

Whether you LOVE to #MealPrep, or want NOTHING TO DO WITH IT, we're here to help! 

Our wide-variety of products range from fully-cooked meals, to bulk ingredients such as cooked chicken or cooked brown rice, to raw prepped ingredients such as sliced carrots or cubed sweet potato, and microwave-safe and freezer-safe containers!

Purchase individual meals or sign-up for weekly meals, whatever best suits your goals, budget, and lifestyle.

Simply place your order anytime until 11:59PM on Friday. We #MealPrep over the weekend while you're doing the things you actually want to be doing. On Monday, pick-up your meals at one of our convenient partner locations—they'll be fresh and fully-cooked in microwave-safe and freezer-safe containers.

Check out our full guide to how it works!

Roasted Carrots

"Just tried my first meal & picked up my order for the week - the meatballs & yogurt sauce with double veggies was delicious! Very satisfied with the variety and portions, and looking forward to some time away from the kitchen & dishes. Thanks so much, first of many orders for sure!"

- Dominique Chenard

"Used this meal service when my university meal plan did not meet my dietary restrictions. This service offers healthy, quick and convenient food. I loved that I could choose all components of my food. Would definitely recommend!"

- Kayla Theriault Weighell

"Amazing !! I have ordered multiple times and have not had a bad experience ever. I order the vegan meals and planning my week for meals has been so easy and it's affordable as well.  It's a great option for those looking to lose weight and keep track or for the busy ones who have no time to cook, like me lol. Great service for Thunder Bay."

- Jennifer Galati

"Super convenient, fair priced and most importantly, tastes just like a home cooked meal without the hassle. Would recommend for any university student."

- Lyndon Swick