Vendor Retail FAQ

We understand that e-commerce platforms are expensive to create, and distribution can be a logistical nightmare. We have the platform, infrastructure, and staff in place to seamlessly transition local brick-and-mortar or market-style businesses from in-person to online. Our goal is simply to assist local businesses in selling and distributing their products, without the potentially high cost and headaches that come with it. We are implementing this as we speak, and will be adding vendors as quickly as we can.

What is the Cost/Pricing Structure?

There is no cost to the local business. This model is intentionally set up to help local businesses thrive. We want to ensure businesses are able to maintain their livelihood without cutting into their margins.

Businesses will choose their price of each product, which reflects what we pay them for all product(s) sold. We will add 20% to the vendor price, absorbed by the consumer, to cover our costs for payment processing fees, stock management, handling, and distribution.

This is a weekly-term consignment model. All product(s) sold by 11:59PM Friday will be paid out to the local business by 11:59PM on Tuesday the following week. We want to ensure that local businesses are not waiting for weeks or months for payment of their merchandise. We realize and respect the importance of positive cashflow.

Who Qualifies?

Our local retail model is not restricted to food products. Other potential vendors could include: candles, decorations, jewellery, clothing, mugs, books, etc. The possibilities are endless.

When Does a Vendor Provide the Merchandise?

We have 2 options:

  1. Inventory (required for non-perishable merchandise): We will stock a small inventory for each vendor at our private production facility. We require no minimum inventory. We would cap sales of each product specific to the inventory available. If stock doesn't sell-out, the additional inventory would simply rollover into the following week, or be returned to the vendor, whichever is preferred.
  2. Made-To-Order: We can let vendors know by 12PM Saturday exactly how much of their product(s) we sold. Vendors are asked to deliver the product(s) to our private production facility between 12PM-1:30PM on Sunday.

How Quickly Can Businesses Get Started?

Once approved, we get get businesses signed up on our website within 48 hours. All product(s) sold by 11:59PM Friday will be paid out to the vendor by 11:59PM on Tuesday.

What Do Businesses Need to Submit?

  1. Product Image(s)
    (logo is enough if only 1 product is being sold)
  2. Pricing for Product(s)

Both can be emailed to


If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to reach out. You can contact us via our website.