Balanced, Fresh, Fully-Cooked Meals Without ANY WORK??

Balanced, Fresh, Fully-Cooked Meals Without ANY WORK??


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Let me guess, when you think about fast food, you probably don't imagine a balanced, well-rounded meal?!

You're probably thinking... fries, burgers, sandwich, pizza... (PS We're not hating on pizza. We love pizza. Especially Eat Local Pizza) Anyways, we're here to tell you that fast food can now mean healthy food, because a healthy meal service exists and not only that, it exists RIGHT HERE IN THUNDER BAY!

Breakfast Lunch & Deener's purpose is to make healthy foods more accessible, whether that's fully-cooked meals, breakfast bowls, or bulk ingredients to speed up the sometimes-painful task of cooking when you're in a rush.

Today, we wanted to write a quick little comparison between 2 of our product lines to help you navigate your options when it comes to #MealPrepFreedom ....

Read on to learn more.


Perfect for: Busy People, New Parents, Picky-Eaters, Control Freaks, Bad Cooks (we're not judging!), Dietary Restrictions/Preferences (Keto, Gluten-Free, Low-Carb, Vegan)

The details: It's actually super fun and simple! You just build meals to suit your specific needs, choosing from a list of 10 proteins (meat and plant-based), 6 carbohydrates, 8 vegetables, and 6 add-ons/sauces. The possibilities are nearly endless, with 1500+ unique combinations. Want to skip carbs? No problem!! You can select 'no carbs', and choose 2 different vegetables (or double up on the same vegetable, twice)!

Custom meals are ideal for those looking to get exactly what they want, completely done for them.... and without any of the work! If you take into account the amount of time and effort spent grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, etc... this is just as affordable (and MUCH MORE CONVENIENT) than it would be to shop for the ingredients AND spend hours in the kitchen preparing them.

The cost: $10-$15 per fresh and fully-cooked meal, depending on the type or amount of protein. Plant-based meals are $10, and 10oz meat meals are $15, including your choice of (optional) carbohydrate, vegetable, and sauces.


Perfect for: Serious(ly busy and wouldn't mind speeding up the process) Home Cooks

The details: Everyone has staple items they purchase every time they're at the grocery store, right? Think of Breakfast Lunch & Deener Bulk Ingredients as the same thing... They are the must-have items to keep in your fridge/freezer so you're always prepared to make a healthy balanced dinner, even if you're short on time. Bulk Ingredients are perfect if you enjoy cooking, but don't really want to spend 60 minutes in the kitchen when you could be spending just 15.

There are currently 8 available Bulk Ingredients for purchase: Perfectly cooked quinoa and brown rice, tender cooked-to-perfection boneless skinless chicken breast, or we-did-all-the-hard-work-for-you cubed sweet potato!

The cost: Vegetable/Carbohydrate Bulk Ingredients are $5/300g, and Meat Bulk Ingredients are $10/400g.