Healthy Meal Service in Thunder Bay

Healthy Meal Service in Thunder Bay


What would life look like if you didn't have to #MealPrep yourself?

Can you imagine having all that extra free time, and feeling that much less stress!?

Thunder Bay: What if we told you IT IS POSSIBLE to have healthy food without ANY of the work.

And PS. we don't mean sending you only raw ingredients and leaving you to fend for yourself.

We mean actually spending ZERO time and NO effort preparing healthy meals.

Breakfast Lunch & Deener exist for people like YOU. What we offer is simple: We make healthy foods more accessible... specializing in customizable, fresh, and fully-cooked meals.

We understand and respect that #MealPrep can mean different things to different people.

Which is why you can use Breakfast Lunch & Deener 2 ways:

Individual Meals

This means NO minimum order and NO commitment! That's right, you can have healthy meals without signing up for anything. You can order as many or as few meals as you'd like, whenever you want. Just place your order online by 11:59PM on Friday for Pick-Up on Monday.

Weekly Meals

Get the meals you love at an EVEN BETTER price: receive 10% off everything we offer!! We ask that you commit to only a minimum of 5 Meals/Week for 6 Weeks (does not auto-renew unless you want it to!). Just like for individual meals, order online by 11:59PM on Friday for Pick-Up on Monday. For more details about our Weekly Meals, click here.