Important COVID-19 Update

Important COVID-19 Update


We are keenly aware of the severity of the current situation, and while it is hard to predict exactly how things will unfold, we are preparing and we will be ready?

Like all of you, we did not anticipate this, however, we are doing our very best to adapt accordingly.

We wanted to provide you with an update on how we are handling this situation at this time:

?1) Our production facility is not (and has never been) open to the public, which significantly reduces the risk of staff interaction with customers or other members of the public.

?2) All orders are placed online from the comfort of your personal "bubble", and all of our payments are handled online, which means there is no cash exchange or need for human-contact at any time.

?3) Breakfast Lunch & Deener has always had a very high standard for cleanliness and food safety procedures. We have a very small (but mighty!!!) production team that takes exceptionally high pride in the work that we do. With that being said, we want to assure you that we will be increasing our efforts even further by implementing increased sanitizing and hand-washing regimes.

?4) In regards to receiving your meals: We will be switching from pick-up to DELIVERY-ONLY at this time. We believe this is the safest way to ensure minimal contact between individuals.

- We have reduced the price of delivery by 50% to ensure it is more easily accessible to our customers.
- Customers must be home to receive their deliveries, however, orders will be dropped off at door steps to ensure no contact between individuals.
- I (Nadine) will personally handle all deliveries at this time. We do not outsource our deliveries.
- We will work with you to ensure the time of delivery is convenient for you (We're all about convenience!!!) We will be in touch with you to schedule your delivery 

?5) Although we have not made any changes to our menu yet, we anticipate the need to adjust our menu to accommodate for a potential change in food accessibility. We will absolutely keep you updated if/when the time comes.

The Breakfast Lunch & Deener team is extremely diligent in following safety measures, and will continue to adhere to our very high standard while we face this unfortunate circumstance.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out. You can text me directly at 807.630.3365, or send me a message via our website, Facebook page, or Instagram account. I handle all enquiries myself.

- Nadine (Founder and Owner of Breakfast Lunch & Deener), and on behalf of the entire Breakfast Lunch & Deener Production Team

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