Introducing André Vaillant

André Vaillant, Brand Ambassador

Today, we are incredibly excited to introduce our first member of our Breakfast Lunch & Deener Brand Ambassador Team for 2020/2021: André Vaillant!

Our Brand Ambassadors are carefully-selected individuals who have been chosen to represent our company on social media, because they GENUINELY love what we offer, and truly EMBODY the CORE VALUES that Breakfast Lunch & Deener believes in!

André is no stranger in Thunder Bay... He started his fitness journey in 2008 and has since earned his reputation as one of the most popular Bodybuilders in the city. Although 6'2 and currently 270 lbs, he is widely regarded as a gentle giant.

André specializes in body composition and lifestyle changes, and has successfully coached hundreds of individuals locally, but also throughout Ontario and the rest Canada, in their health and fitness journeys. He's certified in a wide range of areas, including Personal Training, Football Strength and Conditioning, Group Fitness, Crossfit, and is even Spin Instructor-Certified!

"Nutrition is hands-down the most important part when it comes to health and fitness. You can never out-work a bad diet", says André. "I used to spend about 5 hours each week preparing my meals. Now with Breakfast Lunch & Deener I probably only spend 1 hour! Also, I don't have to take nearly as many trips to the grocery store!!"

We're REALLY excited to work with André as a Brand Ambassador for the next few months. You can follow André on Instagram (@andre.the.vaillant) for lots of exciting workout/nutrition content, and to see his day-to-day use of Breakfast Lunch & Deener meals in his diet.

Interested in working with André for your health and fitness related goals? You can contact him directly through his Instagram account at @andre.the.vaillant.