Introducing: Tobie Burak, Brand Ambassador

Introducing: Tobie Burak, Brand Ambassador

Intro Tobie Burak

Today, we are incredibly excited to introduce our first member of our very carefully-selected Breakfast Lunch & Deener Brand Ambassador Team: Tobie Burak! Tobie is 1 of 3 individuals who has been chosen because they GENUINELY love what we offer, and truly EMBODY the CORE VALUES that Breakfast Lunch & Deener represents!

Tobie is known in the community as a strong-willed, honest, caring, and loyal female powerhouse!

As a teenager, Tobie was considered obese and experienced dramatic weight fluctuations. After moving to Thunder Bay in 2014, Tobie fell in love with fitness, winning 1st place at the Thunder Bay Classic Powerlifting Meet in her weight category in 2017.

Over the years, her view of health and fitness have drastically shifted: Tobie strives to live a healthy and happy life, putting her mental health at the forefront of it all. She has learned to focus less on outside appearance, and more on what makes her happy starting from within.

Tobie lives with major depressive disorder. For the past 5 years, she has been sharing her struggles with mental health with the intention and hopes of helping others facing similar circumstance."I want people to never feel alone. I want them to know that it's okay to have feelings and to actually feel them, and to never feel guilty for that. I strive to show people that asking for help is okay."

We love how authentic and honest Tobie is, and we appreciate and respect the positive impact we know she is having on others by sharing her story.

We also love that Tobie is a true OG Breakfast Lunch & Deener fan!!! She has been a loyal customer and ally to our company since we launched in early 2016, recognizing that "the food [she] puts into [her] body play a huge role in [her] mental well being."

Tobie says: "I've been using Breakfast Lunch & Deener to help make my life easier. It allows me to try different healthy meal options without ever feeling stressed or overwhelmed by meal prep. I also suck in the kitchen, so Breakfast Lunch & Deener allows me to eat well and never get bored. I also love how they put the consumer first, and has gone out of their way to help those in need within our community."

We are SO excited to be working with Tobie over the next few months, especially as she enters a new chapter of her life as a soon-to-be-mom!!

If you want to follow Tobie on Instagram, check out @tobieelynn.