March 13th 2020: Attention All Healthcare Workers

March 13th 2020: Attention All Healthcare Workers


We feel we should use our platform to do our part...

Yes, we should all stay calm (duh!).
Simultaneously, we need to take this serious.

✴️The purpose for social distancing is not to create panic, but rather, to reduce the spread of this virus so our healthcare system does not overload beyond what it can handle. It has nothing to do with overreacting... it has everything to do with taking proper preventative measures.

✴️While the vast majority of us will recover, we can’t just think of ourselves right now. Reducing the spread is for the greater good of EVERYONE. We all need to do our part.

✴️Anyways, we realize a lot of people are still not taking this serious, and unfortunately that means we must anticipate a higher strain on our healthcare system... and those working in it.

We want to do whatever we can to help!

✴️While we’re not nurses or doctors or PSWs or paramedics (just to name a few) who can contribute on the front-lines, we can support you on your shifts through good quality food. It’s hard enough as it is to get to the grocery store right now... We can’t imagine working a crazy shift and then also stressing about what food to eat.

✴️We’d like to offer 15% off standard meals to everyone who works in healthcare and feels they would prefer to have meals prepped for them during this time. Please contact us for the coupon code.
(If you wish to place an order for delivery THIS UPCOMING Sunday/Monday, please feel free to place your order without the coupon code. We will honour the discount and adjust your order total to reflect this discount, in the scenario that we can't send it to you in time. To be honest, we wish we could do more.
But as a small business we feel this is the best decision to assist the community while also maintaining our teams livelihood?