Meet the Breakfast Lunch & Deener Team

Meet the Breakfast Lunch & Deener Team



In September 2019, we had our first team building event... The first event of its kind within our organization.

2019 has been a year of massive change for us... So we thought it would be important for everyone involved with Breakfast Lunch & Deener to get together for an evening of fun, delicious food, and team building to help accelerate us in to our next chapter.

When you support Breakfast Lunch & Deener, you’re not just buying a meal, you’re also supporting a local company that’s been built from the ground up... A company that is comprised of 12 individuals, each contributing in unique and valuable ways to our mission to make healthy foods more accessible. You are supporting a company that uses its platform to inspire continuous
growth, promote positivity, and to give back to our community.

From all of us at Breakfast Lunch & Deener, we just want to say THANK YOU for choosing us?

(Side Note: We're missing Anton and Peter in the photo!!! They're part of the team too!)