Pay It Forward – Meal Donation Program

Pay It Forward – Meal Donation Program


Over the past few days, we have received numerous requests from people wanting to donate healthy meals for healthcare workers, families in need, children, the elderly, etc.

If you wish to purchase meals for members of the community, or a specific person/business/organization, we have set up a Pay It Forward - Meal Donation Program.

For all meals purchased via this program, we will take 15% off the top as our contribution. To be honest, we wish we could do more. But as a small business we feel this is the best decision to assist the community while also maintaining our teams livelihood?

Simply use code "payitforward" at checkout.

If you wish for your donation to go to a specific person, please give their name/info in the special instructions. If you want us to determine who the meals go to (for example, Paramedics, hospital staff, long-term care workers, etc.), you don't have to mention anything specific.


As a side note:

THANK YOU to all of you for the overwhelming response we have received in the past few days regarding how we are handling the current circumstance. It is important now, more than ever, to stand with local businesses. While it is very hard to predict how everything will continue to unfold, we feel the community is supporting us through it all.

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