The most sentimental post that I’ve ever written
As I am sitting writing this, it still hasn't fully hit me yet. This is my most personal and sentimental post that I've ever written:
When I started Breakfast Lunch & Deener in 2016, I chose a path with a lot of deep-rooted purpose.
My intention was to create a business that can truly HELP and POSITIVELY IMPACT many lives. I wanted to create a business that would make healthy foods more easily accessible, but ALSO, I wanted to create a company that would use its platform to inspire continuous growth, promote positivity, and to give back to our community.
My first year in business was total chaos. My days resembled the stereotypical Entrepreneur life...I worked 14 hours a day, at least, every day.... for the first 10 months. My days were long and ineffective, because I had no clue how to run a food business. In fact, I knew very little about running a business at all!
Nonetheless, I recognized these challenging times as the "buy in" to create something extraordinary. I had a purpose. I was crystal clear on WHY I would grow this business into everything it was capable of becoming.
I had no idea HOW I would do it... but I knew WHY I was going to make it happen.
While I won't get into all of my reasons in this post, I do want to share one: My most personal reason of them all.
One day, I wanted to employ my sister.
The thing is... my sister moved back to Germany the same year I moved to Thunder Bay (If you didn't already know this... we were born in Germany and moved to Canada in 2005).
Employing her into Breakfast Lunch & Deener meant I had to build the business to a certain "level". Moving back to Canada had to make sense, after all.
Today, I am extremely proud to share with you that this purposeful dream of mine has finally become a REALITY.
19 days ago my younger sister, Chiara, moved from Germany to Thunder Bay, because Breakfast Lunch & Deener is finally at a point where it made sense for her to join me in growing this business into everything it is capable of becoming.
Now, I want to be fully-transparent in how we handled this cross-continental move during the pandemic. I want to start by mentioning that this was in the works for more than 1 year. I think it is important to share how we handled this so there is absolutely no question that we did everything as absolutely right as humanly possible...
To ensure no contact with ANYONE upon arrival, I rented her a car from National Rent-A-Carl, filled her car with bunch of groceries and BLD meals ahead of time, then tossed her the keys at the airport from more than 6 feet away.
She then drove herself to a private house outside of the city, in which she stayed in total isolation for 14 days. I brought her groceries a few times... but left them at her doorstep for her to get once I was back in my vehicle.
To be EXTRA safe, she even got a test after her 14-day isolation period, which came back NEGATIVE!
This has been a LONG time coming. I knew back in 2016 when I started Breakfast Lunch & Deener that all the blood, sweat, and tears would be worth it. And here we are... I am so incredibly excited to have Chiara here with me finally.
I want to end this post by saying a big THANK YOU to all of you, for helping me realize this dream.
This would not have been possible if it wasn't for all of your support.
I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart.
(The above photo was taken AFTER her 14 day isolation AND AFTER her negative test result... always better safe than sorry)