You Pay Just $15.82 ?!

You Pay Just $15.82 ?!


You can use Breakfast Lunch & Deener 2 ways:

Individual Meals

This means NO minimum order and NO commitment! You can order as many or as few meals as you'd like, whenever you want. Standard Meals range between $9-12, Build-Your-Own-Meals range between $10-$15, breakfast items range between $2.50-$4.50, and Bulk Ingredients range between $5-$12.

Just place your order online by 11:59PM on Friday for Pick-Up on Monday.

Weekly Meals

This is where life gets really sweet for you! You can get the meals you love at an EVEN BETTER price. For 6 weeks, you receive 10% OFF EVERYTHING WE OFFER!!

So what's the exact weekly cost of going this route?

Let's say you order 5 standard meals.... (On Weekly Meals, Standard Meals range between $8.10-$10.80/meal, taking into account your 10% discount.)

5 Meals X $10.80/meal = $54.
$54 - $40 (from your deposit) = $14
$14 + tax = $15.82.

You pay just $15.82 for 5 Meals!!!

Just like for individual meals, you just order online by 11:59PM on Friday for Pick-Up/Delivery on Sunday/Monday.

This sounds awesome! Let's do this.