Who I Am & How We Started

Hi there!

Nadine here!!

Now, before I jump into a little history about myself and this business, I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to learn a little bit more about me and how Breakfast Lunch & Deener came to be. You know, I started this business with $350 and very little knowledge about what it takes to run a business. As it turns out, I really really enjoy running a business, and while I still have a lot (and I mean A LOT) of learning to do, I'm so grateful for all of the support I have received in Thunder Bay over the last 5 years. Thank you for being a part of the community that supports both myself, and my business ventures.

So here it goes:

I was born in Germany and moved to Canada in 2005. Right after high school, I moved out and started my Kinesiology degree at the University of Guelph.

When I was in my last semester at the University of Guelph, I was trying to decide what to do.


Originally I wanted to travel for a few months after graduation, and then return to the University of Guelph to pursue a Masters degree. But at the time, my mom was in Thunder Bay, so I wanted to explore the possibility of coming to Thunder Bay to support her.

After some research, I decided I wanted to start my own personal training business to get some hands-on experience with my newly acquired Kinesiology degree. I moved to Thunder Bay at the end of April 2015, with the intention of staying as long as I needed to help my mom.

As my training business grew larger, I realized the lack of services available to help busy people with their nutrition, beyond just advisory services. I was (and still am) a firm believer that nutrition is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle, and grew increasingly frustrated as clients struggled with nutrition, simply because they just didn’t have the time or the desire to cook.

And so, Breakfast Lunch & Deener came to be! Established in May 2016 as Thunder Bay’s premier prepared meal service, intended for individuals who are busy and would rather not spend their valuable time grocery shopping, cooking, and doing dishes. (PS. I know you're curious... Deener was my nickname growing up!)


Breakfast Lunch & Deener is designed for individuals who value nutrient-dense, minimally-processed, whole foods! In early 2019, Breakfast Lunch & Deener started re-positioning itself in the market: We are no longer just a meal service, we are now your one-stop-shop for Everything #MealPrep. We are establishing ourselves as the premier healthy prepared-meal manufacturer in the region, with a production team of 6 individuals, and an additional 3 jobs coming in 2020.

At Breakfast Lunch & Deener, we strive to support the local economy by purchasing ingredients and materials from local businesses as much as possible. Our unique distribution model promotes the local economy by driving additional foot traffic and awareness into their establishments.

We believe whole foods are the foundation of a healthy lifestyle. We pride ourselves in using simple and pure ingredients, avoiding processed and preserved foods. Our meals are created from scratch: we peel carrots, chop onions, roll meatballs, mix salad dressings, etc.!




Breakfast Lunch & Deener exists to make healthy foods more accessible: We use our company as a platform to inspire continuous growth, promote positivity, and to give back to our community. 


October 2019: Nadine Kelly was nominated for a NOVA Award in the category of Business and Professional Achievement. The Business and Professional Achievement award is presented to the most significant movers and shakers in their fields. These young professionals excel in business and/or their careers. Their work is impactful – creating jobs, improving quality of life, driving innovation, and propelling advancement.

September 2019: Nadine Kelly was nominated for "Rising Star Award" with PARO, which recognizes a young woman’s emerging talent. A Rising Star is a current leader or an aspiring future leader who is starting out in business, managing her own business, and quickly rising through the ranks. This award is open to young women under 40 who are ‘women to watch’ in terms of future contribution and community leadership.

April 2019: Nadine Kelly won the first ever Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

December 2018: Nadine Kelly was nominated for "Young Entrepreneur of the Year" with the Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards. The ceremony will be hosted in April 2019, where the winner will be announced.

April 2018: Breakfast Lunch & Deener was nominated in 2 categories for the Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards: Game Changer (awarded to a business who introduces new offerings, breakthrough solutions or a revolutionary approach to enhance our lives and challenge the status quo) and Quality of Life (awarded to a business who goes beyond its day-to-day activities to make an outstanding contribution to the Quality of Life of another person, group or organization in Thunder Bay).