Breakfast Lunch & Deener is owned by Nadine Kelly. Growing up, Deener was always a nickname for Nadine. What started as a nickname has now been turned into the company name.

After graduating from the University of Guelph with a Bachelors of Science, Honours Human Kinetics, Nadine moved to Thunder Bay in May 2015. After successfully completing her 4-year degree, she started pursuing her first business venture, Nadine Kelly Whole Health & Fitness. Services include personal training as well as nutrition counselling.

Through operating this business, Nadine spent a lot of time coaching clients to achieve maintainable lifestyle changes, with nutrition being the main focus. While many individuals wanted to eat healthy, a lot of people were not able to spend time, nor had the desire, to prepare meals.


Breakfast Lunch & Deener was established in May 2016 as the food service Thunder Bay was missing! The business exists to bridge the gap that exists between the food industry and the conscious consumer. Meals are completely custom, fully cooked, fresh, minimally processed, and made only from whole foods.

While anyone may use the service, it was initially intended for individuals who live busy lives, those people who do not enjoy cooking, and those who cannot [always] cook for themselves.

Breakfast Lunch & Deener strives to support the local economy by providing employment opportunities and purchasing ingredients and materials from local establishments.  In addition, all meals is prepared and packaged at a fully licensed and inspected facility.