How It Works

Simple. Convenient. Healthy.

4 Easy Steps to #MealPrep Freedom

Step 1
Explore What
We Have To Offer

Step 2
Order & Pay Online
by 11:59PM Friday

Step 3
Relax While We
Do Your #MealPrep

Step 4
Contactless Delivery on Sunday or Monday!

Step 1. Explore What We Have To Offer

You don't have to sign-up to order from us! You can purchase individual meals, or you can sign-up for weekly meals, but the choice is yours!

We specialize in fresh, healthy, and fully cooked meals made-to-order, just for you. We also offer Bulk Ingredients, Breakfast Bowls, and other Local Retail items!

Are you an active member of police, fire, EMS, or the military? Please contact us to take advantage of extra savings.

Step 2. Order & Pay Online by 11:59PM Friday

Orders are collected online until 11:59PM Friday. You can pay for your order via e-transfer or credit card.

Step 3. Relax While We Make Your Order

While we're working hard to fulfil your order, you could be...

  • At camp
  • Playing fetch with your dog
  • Spending quality time with your kids and/or partner
  • Going on a date night
  • Learning a new skill
  • Doing a workout
  • Going for a walk
  • Mowing the lawn
  • Cleaning your house
  • Watching a movie
  • Planting a garden
  • And the list goes on.....

Step 4. Contactless Pick-Up OR Delivery on Sunday/Monday

Contactless Pick-Up is available on Sunday between 4-5PM at our production facility on Cumberland Street North.

Delivery is a flat-rate of $5 for Thunder Bay City Limits.

We are offering FREE delivery for anyone in official quarantine. Please check out this post for more detailed information.

You can choose between:

  • Sunday between 5-9PM
  • Monday between 11AM-1PM
  • Monday between 6PM-8PM

We ask that someone is home during the selected time-slot to receive the delivery, as the order needs to be refrigerated.

Frequently Asked Questions