These meals are always delicious and an excellent choice to fit our hectic schedules especially when travelling to remote communities. The fact that meals taste great hot and cold is always perfect when we don't have access to get to the usual amenities of home. I highly recommend these meals to anyone travelling for work, you will not be disappointed!

- Trevor Curran, Adept Plumbing & Mechanical

Hearty & Convenient Meals

Delicious meals without any of the work! Perfect for Tradespeople!

Text your Order to the Owner (Nadine) directly, and we do all of the work for you. We shop, prep, cook, cool, and package each meal for you, while you're focusing on whatever you do best.

We don't require a minimum order and there is no need to sign-up!

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Step 1: ORDER

To create your order, here's what we need to know from you:

  1. How many meals would you like to order?
    • We require 10 meals per menu option. For example, 40 meals meal you can have up to 4 different menu options. In other words, the more you order, the more variety we can accommodate.
    • We have no minimum order, and can do any number of meals.. 10, 50, 200, 500+, you name it!
  2. When would your like your order ready for?
    • We need min. 2 days notice for a custom order, but can make shorter notice work with les flexibility of the menu.
  3. How would you like to pay?
    • We require payment in full prior to going into production.
    • We accept E-Transfer, Credit Card, Cheque or Cash

To Order, you can text the Owner (Nadine) directly.


Your method of payment will be finalized while ordering.

E-Transfers: Please send e-transfers to We are set-up for Auto-Deposit for E-Transfers, so no need for a security question and answer.

Credit Card: We'll send you a link for a secure online Credit Card Payment. If you wish to save your card on file, and with your expressed permission, we can streamline the payment process for you and charge your credit card on your behalf for future orders.

Cheque or Cash: We'll make arrangement to either 1) pick-up the cheque or cash prior to going into production, or for you to 2) deliver payment to our Partner Business, Afloat Health & Performance at 179 Algoma Street North.

Step 3: Pick-Up or Delivery

Pick-Up Schedule

Wednesday from 2-5PM or Thursday 9AM-5PM at our partner-business Afloat Health & Performance at 179 Algoma Street South.

Custom Pick-Up Time

We can accommodate a custom pick-up schedule at the time of ordering. The above schedule is just for our regular production window.


We can accommodate a delivery day and time at the time of ordering. Delivery is free for large orders.

Meal Options

Our meals are made from scratch with primarily whole-food ingredients. Meals come either fresh or frozen. Meals are individually packaged into air-tight containers that keep meals fresh for up to 5 days (if fresh) if refrigerated properly. We recommend frozen meals for Tradespeople, as it's much easier and safer for work travel.

BBQ Pulled Pork
BBQ Pulled Pork
Orange Chicken
Orange Chicken
Teriyaki Chicken
Teriyaki Chicken
Pork Jambalaya
Pork Jambalaya
Turkey Patties
Turkey Patties
BBQ Chicken & Parm Potatos
BBQ Chicken & Parm Potatos

Great place to get pre-made meals. We used them at our business for out-of-town employee meals, and to keep at the office for a quick meal option when needed. They are a big hit within our organization!

- Ryan Campbell, Lakehead Contracting Group