4 Tips for Re-Using Your Containers

4 Tips for Re-Using Your Containers


A big topic of conversation, especially in recent months, has been around reducing single-use plastic, working towards zero waste, and incorporating more reusables! Today we wanted to talk about our reusable containers, and some fun ideas of how to get the most out of them, should you choose to keep them!

Breakfast Lunch & Deener meal containers are microwave-safe, freezer-safe, dishwasher-safe, BPA-free, airtight, and stackable... AND made with recyclable materials. However, and this pains me to say, these recyclable materials are not accepted in Thunder Bay unfortunately.

But did you know?!

Breakfast Lunch & Deener containers can actually be returned to us, to be reused!!!

You can bring your clean and dry containers anytime to the friendly staff at Eat Local Pizza (801 Red River Road). We take these containers back and clean them thoroughly using our commercial sanitizer unit. For customers who are plant-based, or have any type of allergies, we always use new containers, just to be 10000% certain.

Now that we've mentioned our container-return policy, we wanted to also chat about other uses for your Breakfast Lunch & Deener containers, should you choose to keep them rather return them!

Reusable containers have SO many uses beyond just carrying food on the go.
Below, we simply want to give you some ideas of what you could use your containers for that fit with your lifestyle and needs.

4 Tips for Re-Using Your Containers

  1. Freezer Storage
    One of my personal favourite ways to make use of these containers is for neatly organizing my freezer contents.. Instead of single-use freezer bags (which end up not stacking neatly AT ALL), I put foods into these black containers, label the side facing forward, and then neatly stack them. I put everything in these containers... raw meats, peas, vegetable scraps for soup stock, soup, sauces, corn, etc. No matter what I put into them, they stack nicely and I can easily find what I'm looking for.
  2. Spices
    So spices are an interest topic... Some of my spices are in jars, some of them are in little baggies, some are extremely potent in scent.
    I keep the spices that come in jars as is, and anything I buy in bulk or in a little baggie gets put into one of my black containers. Once I label them, I can easily stack them to maximize space in my cupboard. But honestly, I like these containers for spices because they're airtight!! Have you ever had nutritional yeast, or turmeric, in your cupboard? I personally can't stand opening my cupboard and getting hit by a big wall of scent. Now that most of my spices are in airtight containers, my pantry has zero odour when I open it.
  3. Marie Kondo-style drawer organizers
    I'm sure most of us have seen this show, or at least heard of it, by now. The black containers are perfect little drawer organizers, especially for shallow drawers. All the random stuff you've got flying around in drawers could be neatly organized using these containers (I personally don't use the lids in this scenario)
  4. Kids Lunch Boxes
    I think this one is pretty self explanatory. The containers are leak proof and airtight.. so as long as you sealed it correctly, it's not going to make a mess in your kids backpack or lunch bag. I personally think it's especially good for older kids (assuming you're still packing them a lunch), because it's very neutral in colour. Nothing fancy here, just a suggestion on another great use for them.


Organizations such as the Shelter House and Grace Place are more than happy to take donations of reusable containers! Please consider donating your containers.


Do you have any suggestions on how to reuse your containers?

We'd love to hear them!! Feel free to send us a quick message here.