Back-To-School Container Return Program

Are you a teacher? Do you know a teacher?
You’ll want to hear this...

➡️In March 2020, we completely stopped re-using our returned Breakfast Lunch & Deener containers... for obvious reasons.

➡️For many months, we have been patiently collecting and storing THOUSANDS of containers that were graciously returned by all of YOU!

➡️We have been pondering different ways to re-use them.

➡️We wrote blog posts and made videos about how to re-purpose your Breakfast Lunch & Deener containers around your house, and where to donate them in Thunder Bay.

We had no practical solution.... UNTIL TODAY.

➡️We recognize that Back-To-School this year is stressful.

➡️We obviously can't make the current circumstance go away.

➡️BUT WE CAN work together to support each other during this time (& always!).

🙌🏼We are excited to announce that we will be donating all of the returned containers & lids, after sanitizing them thoroughly, to teachers and schools across Northwestern Ontario!

♻️Breakfast Lunch & Deener containers are highly re-usable, made of durable hard-plastic, stackable, dishwasher-safe, SUPER easy to sanitize... which makes them PERFECT for storing school supplies!!!!

(They're also made of recyclable materials... which are unfortunately not accepted in Thunder Bay)

So how exactly will this work?!

1) Just leave your clean and dry containers at your doorstep during your selected delivery time-slot, and our team will collect them when we deliver your new order!

2) The Breakfast Lunch & Deener team will sanitize the containers using a commercial high-temp dishwasher/sanitization unit.

3) We will create donation bundles of sanitized containers and lids, to be donated to teachers and schools in the region.


➡️We need to get in contact with teachers/schools, so we can get these containers to them in time for back-to-school!

➡️Teachers, please click here  to submit a donation request (this will help us easily keep track of everything)! We have THOUSANDS of containers and would LOVE to assist you in getting ready for this years "new normal".